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Move Over Humans, Software is Taking Over

“Software is eating the world.” This quote is by Marc Andreessen, a Silicon Valley investor, who made this statement back in 2011. In retrospect, it was controversial but not opposed. Five years later, software is everywhere. It powers the current rising trend of robots, drones and artificial intelligence (AI). Your future surgeon, journalist, composer, soldier, translator may not be a person…
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Virtual Reality vs. Augmented Reality: Match-Up

With the recent release of Pokemon Go, augmented reality has been on the rise. However, it isn't the only reality that is being challenged. Virtual reality has also been a game-changer in today’s world. Which will be more prevalent in the future? Here’s our match-up. Before we begin… What is Virtual Reality (VR)? According to…
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2016 at a Glance: Analytics, Integration & Event Processing

Here at iTechtions, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the game by following industry trends and predictions. With 2015 coming to an end next week, our partners over at TIBCO have assembled a list of the top 9 digital business transformation predictions for 2016. These predictions should be exciting for businesses worldwide, for the…
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The Importance of IT and Software Development

On both a personal and a professional level, there is no doubt that the world is becoming increasingly dependent on technology and that the future of businesses worldwide lies within the digital realm.  As we continue to evolve with this trend, Information Technology (IT) and Software Development are becoming a vital and fundamental part of…
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