5 Soft Skills Developers Should Have

Skills are what makes us good professionals. Much like the technical side of tasks, a combination of matured soft skills go a long way into creating an efficient workplace environment.

In fact, as a Harvard research points out, the success of a project and of a job in general, comes 85% from well-developed soft skills.

Developers are not an exception to this rule and number. As essential characters in an agile team and important collaborators to the Digital Transformation journey of a company, it is of utmost importance that Developers possess good soft skills.

What are the soft skills Developers should know?

Developers should invest in soft skills that will contribute not only to their own personal growth, but also to their work relationships and their projects.

A few examples are:


It is importan to simply write down how the software will be useful to the customer. This way, it becomes even easy to spot key functions of the software that might be useful, or notice how bugsformed itself and how they can be fixed.

Learning Attitude

Companies need to have workplaces occupied by employees who are open minded to keep on learning. Technology is always evolving, however, this learning attitude goes beyong coding and numbers – it stretches itself into how to deal with pressure or with other colleagues.

When Developers have an overall learning attitude, they will be open to acquire knowledge in just about anything.


Developers ocasionally work in groups. It is common for companies to have a team of these professionals – and that is why teamwork is important.

Image from: Cryotos

In teams, Developers can share common knowledge on softwares or projects they are working on, and even express any doubts or concerns on a certain subject.


We have stressed many times the role automation has in our lives and workplace. Developers are no exception to this phenomenom – they can benefit greatly of automated tasks, and focus on more urgent ones, stopping the repetitive work from unmotivating them.

Accepting Feedback

Having a personality that is pro-feedback is important to anyone – but, to Develoepers, it comes in handy when they have to find out what users want and, therefore, make changes to the product’s software according to clients’ demands.

Image from: Syntactics Inc.

Often times, soft skills turn out to be even more important than technical skills. When working on a project, for example, being a helpful team player comes more in handy than only knowing the software.

There is much more out there than writing code – soft skills take us far and make great contributors for our professional development.

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