6 Benefits of Cloud Storage

A constant theme in our blogs, technology has advanced immensely over the decades, improving and automating as inventions come along. Parallel to this phenomenon, we have the need to keep track and record of all things important – and technology has assisted us in storing everything that personally and professionally matters to us.  

So, what is the cloud? Where does it come in? 

Whenever we needed to guard important data, we would do so in paperwork – documents were printed sheets, handwritten notes or recordings. With the advancement of technology however, it became easier and more practical to have documents safely in one place – the Cloud. As Cloud Academy points out, it “has become one of the most convenient and efficient methods to store data online.” 

With the Cloud, one can save data through the Internet. 

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And what are the benefits of using Cloud storage? 

There is no cost 

Many use the Cloud for free – however, even when they don’t, the prices are very flexible. 

It is very accessible 

The interface of the Cloud is purposefully simple to use. Its design is minimalist and direct, so it is easy for everyone to understand what they see and know how to manage it. 

Security is possible 

When it comes to the Internet, many people fear of breaches, hackers and invasion of privacy. However, in a Cloud system, data is secured by different servers that architect and monitor the Cloud to make sure nothing is lost – and, even if it is, that there’s always a backup. 

Collaboration happens 

Team members can work in different parts of the world, on their laptops, in the comfort of their homes – and still be able to not be dispersed. The Cloud allows for collaboration through effective communication and real-time updates among team members. 


The Cloud is an in-sync platform – data can be updated and stored anywhere and anytime, be it in different computers or different time-zones. This permits effectiveness and efficiency within a company. 

Automation, automation, automation 

There can be a number of users performing a number of tasks in the Cloud at the same time and it still will not matter – the power and beauty of automation relies on the Cloud vendor. 

Many companies use DevOps (a subject we have talked extensively about) and the tools it provides. On the other hand, many companies build the DevOps tools others are going to use.  

Either way, the Cloud is one of the important components of such tools – the most common example would be Amazon’s amazing DevOps expertise and its Cloud tool, AWS. Google is also another technology giant that has its own mature Cloud platform available for millions to use. 

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DevOps also allowed for job titles related to the Cloud to be created: Cloud Architect, Cloud Manager, Cloud Designer, Cloud Developer, etc. These professionals deal with creating a Cloud platform, building its system and maintaining its structure. 

Automation and DevOps are all a part of Digital Transformation – a theme we have also discussed before. As expected, the Cloud is an important factor in this Revolution we are living right now.  

Being an automated service, the Cloud is one of the components that will allow us to walk forwards to a more technological future. 

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