About Us

           ABOUT US


Since 2010, our company has thrived in this dynamic industry by keeping up with our client’s changing needs and evolving our services and skills. Our aim is to become industry leaders in the technology fields that are essential to our clients.

Our CEO has over 15 years of experience in the technology business and has worked with many Fortune 500 companies. Along with business and client-facing skills, he has a depth of specialist technical knowledge and skills that enable him to ensure our teams deliver the optimum technology solutions.

Today, our innovative solutions have delivered tangible business, financial and operation benefits for leading organizations in finance, healthcare, telecommunications, energy, transport and utilities throughout Canada and the United States.


It's the people who truly make up the company. We've built an amazing team of experienced professionals who share their passion in information technology.

We're dedicated to making everyone feel as a valued member here by investing in personal development, providing ongoing training and equipping you with the latest technological solutions to tackle on any challenge.

Our CEO knows you on a first-hand basis and will take a hands-on approach in assisting you in achieving your goals, to ensure we keep a standard of commitment, integrity and excellence.


Our core values reflect the importance of long-term relationships, as we pride ourselves in collaborating and sharing knowledge with all of our clients. In order to provide the quality our clients need and deserve, we demand excellence, commitment, and integrity from our team.

We will make you part of the team as we learn to understand your needs and create the best fit possible. You will directly witness the growth and the tremendous results the iTechtions teams will generate for you!