All About Smart Homes

Smart products are everywhere – and tech companies are pushing to make everything as “smart” as possible. Where do all these smart products go? In your home! So let’s take a look at what smart homes have to offer.

What is a Smart Home?
A smart home is one that has appliances, lighting, heating, and electronics such as TVs and security cameras that can be controlled remotely. These products can be controlled by a time schedule, from any room in the home, or from any location away from home via the internet.
A smart hub is a centralized system where all your smart products can be controlled. For example if you have five different smart products, you would have to control them individually through their designated app separate from your other smart products. But with a smart hub, you can connect all your devices to it and use it as a universal remote rather than multiple ones.
The appeal of smart homes and smart products exist for several reasons:
1. Energy Efficiency
Smart products are made so that they use the optimal amount of energy. For instance, you can automate your thermostat so that when you leave your home in the morning the heat won’t be running but it’ll be set on back in time for your return. As a result you’ll save money on your energy bills!
2. Protection
You can set up smart products to receive notifications when something is not supposed to be opened, such as a door, window, or cabinet.
3. Comfort
With smart products, they can be set up so that everything in your home will be adjusted for your comfort. For example, you can set the lighting for your preferred brightness, and decide what the optimal temperature of your home should be.
4. Accessibility
Since smart products are easy to use and can be controlled remotely, it is helpful for the elderly or disabled. Their quality of life can be greatly enhanced, and voice commands can make the learning curve easier for someone who isn’t familiar with computers and electronics.
5. Stay Connected to Family
Easily track your children when they arrive home, or when your pet unexpectedly runs out – all from your phone.

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Potential Risks
When we connect and use smart products, they are done so through the Cloud. So any time a tool is connected to the internet there is a possibility that someone can access it. Therefore the main issue we deal with when using smart products is the threat to web security and privacy.
Arguments have been made that even the world’s biggest companies are susceptible to cyber liability and data breaches, so the best security plans are not foolproof. There are also news stories that hackers have been able to hack security cameras, smart TVs, and baby monitors. Hackers can find out personal information such as IP address, location, time zone, and even names of children. Essentially, hackers can gather enough information to track down homes in the real world.

Going forward there is a need for a better and simple security solution. Consumers are actually turned off by complicated systems that require multiple authentication steps. In fact, most security breaches happen because consumers fail to set up the right security configurations in the first place. Perhaps the solution may be the use of fingerprints, voice recognition, and even eye scans. Nymi is a smart wearable device that is worn on the wrist to authenticate identity by recognizing the user’s distinct heart rate variability and using that data to grant access. However Nymi is currently targeted towards enterprises, but similar technology can be used to solve the security issue that comes with smart devices and products.

At iTechtions, we love innovative ideas and products as we provide ingenious technology solutions. As an IT services consultancy based in Canada where we provide TIBCO training to our consultants, we are always learning and training in Cloud technologies. We believe smart products are useful, but if you choose to use them please remember to think about security and be proactive in keeping your data safe! If your company needs security or technology solutions to achieve business goals, contact us at info@localhost.

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