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The Agile Manifesto

Agile is an approach to software project management intended to develop products more efficiently and get them to the market faster.   It all started a manifesto. In the early 2000s, a group of software industry leaders got together at a ski resort to have fun and talk business. The result of this gathering generated the…
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6 Steps to Implement an Effective DevOps Team

As we have mentioned in our previous blogs, DevOps is a set of practices used by both development and operations teams – or maybe all teams – in an organization, for the sake of attending to customers’ needs and deliver softwares or applications much faster and in better quality. Many big enterprises have successfully learned…
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How Companies Implemented DevOps – And How You Can Do the Same

DevOps is a broad approach to work in general, even though it is often thought of as just an IT term. In IT terminology, Development is where the work starts – this could be sales or the trading floor at an investment brokerage. And Operations is where the work is managed and applied. In this…
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An Introduction to DevOps and its Tools

DevOps is a set of practices with the goal of making the development lifecycle of a system – a software, an application, an update – shorter and better in terms of quality, as it increases reliability in terms of uptime or performance, for example. It combines software development and IT operations departments to provide a…
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