How an AI Ethics Committee Should Be Organized

Artificial Intelligence is one of the main branches of the Fourth Industrial Revolution – the current one our society is going through right now. And, as we have mentioned before, this Revolution focuses on digitalization.   We are seeing an increase on the use of computers, phones and other technological devices that overall facilitate our means…
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7 Steps to Build a High-performance Engineering Team

As customary themes in our blogs, we cannot stress enough how important Agile and DevOps are for companies – especially if such companies are looking to build a high-performance team. We often mention how we offer advisory in these subjects – microservices, agile and DevOps. They are keys to when one wants to understand how…
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5 Soft Skills Developers Should Have

Skills are what makes us good professionals. Much like the technical side of tasks, a combination of matured soft skills go a long way into creating an efficient workplace environment. In fact, as a Harvard research points out, the success of a project and of a job in general, comes 85% from well-developed soft skills.…
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