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Diversity at iTechtions

Here at iTechtions, we understand that it’s the people who truly make up the company. That is why we are different – our team consists of highly qualified professionals from various backgrounds who have unique experiences that lead to innovative ideas and ingenious technology solutions. We are an IT services consultancy based in Canada -…
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12 Best Tech Jobs for a Work-Life Balance

Achieving a work-life balance today can be difficult for some careers, especially in technology. Factors such as being on-call and working overtime may add up and it makes it difficult to make time for things outside of work. According to this 2016 report by Glassdoor, a list of 29 jobs appeared for the best work-life…
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Why We Need To Support Women in Tech

It’s no secret that men are the prevalent in the world of technology. However, the gender imbalance largely affects a range of subjects --- so no – this isn't just about the obvious wage gap. It leads us to ask a few questions. Why is this happening? Why is it critical we support women who want to pursue…
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