Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Integration

Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Integration

Novelty, dexterity and rapid time-to-market are essential components in upholding acompetitive industry edge. Cloud technologies empower you to maximize all the possibilities forgreater innovation by helping you move quickly and spend less. Whether you already use cloudtechnology or not, defining the most fitting uses of the cloud in your business is one of its mainchallenges. The team at iTechtions will aid you in all stages of optimization to generate themaximum return on investment for you.

Maximize operational excellence

Hybrid cloud integration is essential for maximizing operational competence as singleintegration platforms are becoming less efficient in the age of mobile, big data, IoT and cloudtechnologies. Establish ease and peace of mind with cloud integration that is available anywhere,anytime. Instead of having concerns over disaster recovery, scaling and availability, the cloud allowsyou to focus on bringing value to your users.

Adopting to new platforms creates significant changes and iTechtions will help you moveyour data to the cloud with no risk involved.

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TIBCO Software that works with Cloud Integration: TIBCO BusinessWorks, TIBCO Cloud Integration,TIBCO Cloud™ Mashery®, TIBCO Active Matrix BPM, TIBCO Flogo Enterprise, TIBCO Cloud Live Apps.

TIBCO Cloud Integration

Cloud Integration offers a full spectrum of integration solutions allowing everyone to easilyshare data and connect applications.


1. Everything created is portable, flexible and kept together, easily move between TIBCOplatforms.
2. No need to know how to write code since the integration tools are incredibly easy to use.The API-first approach lets you model potential APIs, see how they look to your user andtest them out, all in one space.
3. Easily deploy your flows to serverless environments.

TIBCO Cloud TM Integration easily connects cloud-based services and on-premise applications,to model, create, test, and deploy custom APIs.


1. Get your apps connected more quickly and easily than ever before.
2. Intuitive drag-and-drop and API-led design approach; coding is optional.
3. Flexible deployment of apps, run them on any platform.
4. Micro services and functions are made easy.

TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM

TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM is one of today’s top business process management platforms and canbe used to develop, deploy, execute and manage business process management applications.


1. Drives digital transformation by aiding in addressing differentiation and growth overtime.
2. Allows companies to fuel digital transformation by enabling better decisions and faster,smarter actions.
3. Open API and easy-to-use software for your IT team.
4. Model and organize the work flows throughout your organization in real time.
5. Process your big data quickly and get to insight using analytics dashboards, contextualprocesses, or low code business apps.
6. Improve collaboration with business users, formalize processes and operatingprocedures.
7. Swap resources like people and their skills, infrastructure, schedules and work groups orteams.
8. Users have seen increased sales force productivity by 50%.

a) A major financial institution in the East   was working on a project to standardize the retailbanking system across the globe using TIBCO ActiveMatrix, TIBCO BusinessWorks™ andTIBCO Messaging.

1. Enabled them to standardize their processes, providing flexibility across markets.
2. Saw faster processing with their card preapprovals, deliveries and the deployment ofnew processes across the globe.

TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps is the greatest, easy-to-use platform for building scalable businessapplications.


1. Easily create low-code applications to resolve business issues.
2. Seamlessly integrate existing data and applications to securely work together.
3. Effortlessly make updates and modifications so you can innovate faster.
4. Supported with TIBCO’s ® Connected Intelligence Cloud.