Life at iTechtions – Day in the Life of Crystal Ding, Talent Acquisition Specialist

My name is Crystal Ding and I am a Talent Acquisition Specialist at iTechtions Inc.

A little bit about myself, I am a Certified Human Resources Professional. I graduated from the University of Toronto. I have 2 years of professional working experience in the area of HR. Most recently, I’ve been active in the IT recruiting industry.

I feel great importance when dealing with my role. I am involved in end to end recruitment; which essentially means the process from identifying what’s needed of the job to the actual placement. I meet with the CEO to discuss the business needs and finding the right people to fulfill the position.

What I enjoy while working at iTechtions is the culture here. I absolutely love it. I truly believe management wants and loves to invest in their people. A plus is that it is in a great location; it is in the heart of the downtown core.

Finally, in my opinion, there will be a robust job growth so I really look forward to where iTechtions is going to go in the future.


Interested in working at iTechtions? Please visit our about and careers page to learn more about what we can offer you and the benefits of working here.

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