Life at iTechtions – Dennis Yeung, TIBCO Consultant

My name is Dennis, and I am a TIBCO Consultant at iTechtions Inc.

I recently graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Computer Science degree, and have now begun my career here at iTechtions Inc. So far, I have been amazed at the training opportunities and believe that all the material I have looked at so far is incredibly interesting.

One of the best things about working here is that I am able to work independently, but still feel that I am given the mentorship that I need in order to succeed. While I have only just begun my training, I know that the opportunities that are available to me are vast, and I am excited to expand my knowledge and develop skills within the TIBCO suite of products.

I am looking forward to see what I can accomplish here at iTechtions in the future. If you would like to learn more about what iTechtions offers, and the many benefits of working here, please visit our about and careers page.

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