Life At iTechtions – Faith Reyes, Marketing Analyst Testimonial

My name is Faith Reyes, and I am a Marketing Analyst at iTechtions Inc.

As an individual in the marketing industry, I chose iTechtions because it allowed me to not only gain experience in my field, but also provided opportunities to work on my creativity in the workplace. The environment and staff proposed great learning experiences, as well as hands-on work opportunities to gain new skills and knowledge to better myself professionally.

My time at iTechtions thus far as been amazing.  I have met mentors who give me opportunities to work on new projects, and have been given tasks where I can challenge myself and learn something new.  The best part of the job is being able to work with professionals who share their knowledge and experiences to help me learn and apply new things as a marketing professional. I have also valued the knowledge learned in not only my industry, but also the information technology and software development industries as well. The training opportunities that have been provided not only to myself, but all employee's at iTechtions have been extensive.  The many individuals who work here are supportive in our initiatives, and are always encouraging us to push and exceed the limits.

The culture and work environment at iTechtions is fantastic. All those who work here are very helpful and supportive. I would encourage others to learn more and pursue a career at iTechtions.  You are able to rapidly expand your skills and knowledge base, while learning new things and working on new and challenging projects. To learn more about our employment opportunities, visit our careers section on our website.

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