Our Partner, TIBCO, Releases Two New Cloud Integration Tools

Today in current industry news: 

Here at iTechtions, we are always staying up to date on tracking current technology trends and new service releases. As you may know, iTechtions is partnered with TIBCO, one of the world's leading providers of infrastructure and business intelligence software. Additionally, from previous posts you may now know that iTechtions is largely focused on providing the right training for our employee's. Our iTechtions consultants are fully trained and certified in TIBCO technologies and have experience going back more than 12 years in key product areas, including Analytics, Event Processing, Integration, Customer Service, Fast Data and Cloud.  We ensure that our practices are current and in-line with the most relevant and important industry related products and services to better serve your needs.

Talking about staying current on industry related releases, TIBCO recently announced earlier this month the release of their two new integration tools, TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition and TIBCO Cloud Integration, to improve solutions within the cloud, to "give enterprise applications at any scale". TIBCO states that these programs will enhance simplicity, flexibility, versatility, control and cost-effectiveness.

This is big news, as Cloud is becoming increasingly important, for both large and small businesses, to gain access to their information, databases, and applications instantly and effectively. In a world where people and businesses are constantly on the go, it is important that our essential information and resources are always at our fingertips. This key industry product area is also an example of how technology is constantly emerging and evolving. We are proud to say that we are connected and partnered with a company that stays current and up to date with new trends and technologies.

Here at iTechtions, we are always ready to expand our knowledge and train in new product areas. In fact, many of our employees are attending the TIBCO Toronto User Group Meeting to expand our knowledge on TIBCO related product areas and services at the beginning of this month.  We use our growing knowledge to work closely with your teams to understand your organization's values, help you prioritize technical challenges and present you with realistic options to achieve your goals.

If you would like to learn more about our involvement with TIBCO's key product areas, visit the Partner and Services pages on our website by clicking here.

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