As a partner of TIBCO, a leading provider of infrastructure and business intelligence software, iTechtions helps clients capture the right information at the right time and act on it for competitive advantage. Clients can use our expertise in big data and TIBCO solutions to gain the Two-Second Advantage, a concept based on the fact that information gained beforehand is more valuable than any information after.

Our analytics service helps your decision-makers get the right answers quickly from the vast volume of data available. We use TIBCO analytics solutions like the Analytic Fabric service that allows your organization to integrate analytics into everyday applications and collaborative platforms. Data is one of your most important assets and our analytics service will help you maximize the information and profit potential of your databases.

Using TIBCO solutions, we develop systems to capture, aggregate and analyze event-driven data in real time. That gives you the ability to reduce risk by making decisions and taking action based on the latest information. Our event processing services help you create a more agile organization with the ability to respond rapidly to new opportunities and events.


Our team uses TIBCO solutions to automate your data management and business processes and enable real-time information flow between people and systems. We create an integration platform that makes data available from the cloud in real time on a range of applications and devices. This integrated approach improves information access and exchange and reduces complexity and costs.