High Quality Services

  • Digital Recruitment
    With a rapid digitalization in all aspects of our personal and professional lives, many executives are asking questions about their IT teams - with a top concern being if their organization is hiring the right resources to keep pace with innovation. After all, a team with the right skills is needed to drive Digital Transformation: a team with a DevOps culture and Agile practices, supported by microservices and automation, is a team that can execute with confidence. iTechtions provides fully trained and vetted experts to support your teams. Aligning the right people to each project, building bench strength, and grooming future talent is where we excel - we partner with our clients to deliver requirements for digital transformation over the long term. This includes helping to mold the IT culture by maturing Agile development practices, DevOps mentality, microservices architecture, and automation. We can help you map the resources and roles you'll need down the line for your transformation journey. And then apply our digital recruitment methodology to generate pools of qualified candidates when the time to make your next hire comes. We believe that our clients are best served by a proactive, data-driven approach to recruitment. It is our job to have a pool of candidates ready when requested by our clients.
  • Managed Services
    Simply equipping teams with the right products and solutions is not enough. To manage transformation initiatives, infrastructure reliability is required and it is this factor that often differentiate successful teams from teams that fail. Innovate, automate and power your organization confidently with our future-ready managed services. For most businesses, complex application landscapes, mixture of legacy systems and cloud applications, and large volumes of data consume too much organizational IT resource capacity. Leverage our technical expertise with a specialized team of software engineer, architects, developers and industry-specific knowledge to achieve effective support and maintenance of enterprise level applications. Our practical approach to managed services uses DevOps, Agile, Cloud Transformation & Migration, and Automation to bring you agility, efficiency and productivity on an ongoing basis to provide platform stability freeing your team to spend more time on important business initiatives. Clients turn to iTechtions for managed services to proactively monitor, manage and resolve problems in cloud environments to make future digital transformation easier. iTechtions proactively oversees and maintains your cloud IT infrastructure.
  • Advisory & Coaching
    Clients look to partner with iTechtions to align organizational culture and digital strategy (this means aligning constructs such as Agile development practices, a DevOps mentality, and a microservices architecture) and to mold the team culture for their digital transformation. Digital transformation rewards are achieved by delivering successful initiative after successful initiative. Aligning the right set of skills to each of these initiatives, building bench strength and grooming future talent is where iTechtions delivers on resource requirements for strategy as a whole - tweaking and customizing along the way. Our clients understand that the success of their digital transformation strategy depends on the skills of its individual team members. Enabling and equipping teams to drive digital transformation is a priority for many of our clients who turn to iTechtions to help plan for technology skills required for projects of both today and tomorrow. Many organizations have already developed Agile practices, breaking down silos between requirements and development, and are now focused on encouraging collaboration between development and operations to increase system reliability. DevOps combines operations tools and Agile practices to drive collaboration between development and operations.