A global leader in the industry, MuleSoft connects the world’s applications, data and devices with API management solutions. MuleSoft’s hybrid integration tool, Anypoint Platform™, provides API-led connectivity for networks of apps, data sources and APIs – in the cloud or on-premises.

iTechtions works with MuleSoft to deliver innovative business solutions to drive greater user experience and help businesses move into Internet of Things, Big Data, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. From simple integrations to multi-level transformations, iTechtions will help with any project.

Anypoint Platform™

Quickly design, test, and publish APIs using Anypoint Platform™. Create self-service portals to make collaboration easy and drive reuse. Manage APIs, monitor and analyze usage and control access.

Manage, design, and build APIs and integration on a single platform that is used by over 1,600 enterprises to build application networks and accelerate development by 3x. 

Integrate and build APIs faster than ever using reusable APIs, connectors, and more and universally connect anything on-premises or in the cloud using one unified platform.

Securely designed to protect your data and control access with edge gateways, encryption and prebuilt security policies.

Easily move from deploying integrations on-premises to the cloud without rewriting code.

Components Within The Anypoint Platform




API Designer


API Manager




Flow Designer





Anypoint Design Center

Build and design APIs and integration, test and validate them using a mock service to acquire early feedback. The visual interface makes it easy to move, synchronize or modify data and use a machine learning auto mapper to transform data.

Increase the query, normalization and transformation of data mapping in real-time using Dataweave, Mulesoft’s expression language.

Anypoint Exchange

Collaborate easily with Anypoint Exchange, as it facilitates saving, reusing, sharing and discovering templates in one central hub.

Publish APIs to Anypoint Exchange to automatically generate connectors, documentation, portals and map dependencies.

Management Center

Manage APIs and users with centralized visibility and control.

Connect to Mulesoft’s CloudHub, your private network or on-premises.

Graphically visualize the strength of your APIs and integration and how they are connected.

Organize and classify APIs by filtering the view of your application network based on the environment, failure, average response time and more.

Personalize your monitoring of the performance of your applications and APIs.

Mule Runtime Engine

Mule runtime is the industry’s only runtime that connects applications, data, and devices across legacy systems, SaaS applications, and APIs. 


Secure and protect your application network using the advanced Anypoint Security platform to secure data, control access and defend critical APIs and applications.

Success Stories


A leading compensation insurance company protects 3.6 million people across 326,000 businesses and 193 government agencies. They needed to build an entirely new business model that used machine-learning to make the process of submitting claims quick and easy. However, their customer data was siloed in SaaS and legacy systems, creating a slow customer application process.


  • Build a future-proof, cloud architecture.
  • Access data in legacy systems through Amazon Web Services.
  • Launch a single digital claims system to make filing claims easier. 


They no longer have to rely on legacy systems as they have moved entirely to an agile cloud architecture, which has also decreased their spend in legacy system maintenance costs.

The technical director at the company stated, “We launched our insurance claims system in just months, an accomplishment we couldn’t have imagined before working with MuleSoft. And, using an API-led approach to integration, we can now complete other IT projects 2x faster by reusing APIs we have already built.”

“The elasticity, availability, scalability, and velocity that Anypoint Platform provides is a true differentiator. And, because we deal with health records, security is a high priority for us, and Anypoint Platform delivers.”

Financial Institution

A financial institution in Europe, provides clients with wealth management solutions and long-term solutions. They recognized that they need to stay away from passing fads and solutions and focus on building in more flexibility and agility into their technology landscape.


The banking industry is enduring increasing change with its regulatory requirements such as MiFID2 and the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2). Thus, the bank acknowledged their need to improve efficiency and organization within their existing architecture.


They generated a strategic IT vision, a global transformation initiative, where there was a switch from a siloed approach to a modular, open service-oriented one.

Using MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform, they upgraded their web banking solution, enabling new customer experiences. They built with reuse in mind so that in completing their project they would produce core assets which would be open to and made for reuse by other teams in the future.

They reused the information once they needed to develop a mobile banking application by tweaking the logic and services via the Anypoint Platform. The team only took 6 months from the mediation to production to launch the mobile application, spending only 4 months of development providing more time to innovate and work more efficiently, doubling their usual speed.