Interconnect Everything Everywhere


API-led Integration

Holistic on-premise, cloud to IoT device connectivity solutions democratize business data and information flow and put the power in the hands of decision makers who can truly make and add value to customer experiences and drive operational excellence. Give people instant access to the data they want, and make disparate big data, cloud and IoT services easier to use.

Leverage best in class integration technology and library of API’s to expedite messaging technology and newly defined micro-services to configure productivity, driving applications and workflows.

Drive Speed and Agility

Novelty, dexterity and rapid time-to-market are essential components in upholding a competitive industry edge. Cloud technologies empower you to maximize all the possibilities for greater innovation by helping you move quickly and spend less.

Open source interoperation provides flexible connectivity to modern services and cloud operation offerings or on-premise and hybrid solutions.

Integrate Everything

Today’s business environments demand flexibility, adaptability and scalability to make use of your data to produce digital currency. On premise or in the cloud, you can link applications, data sources (internal and external) to identify and seize new business opportunities with application integration.

Visual browser-based tools make coding optional

API-led connectivity brings together all systems and data sources, making them available in an integrated, seamless manner for everyone in the business to make use of. Through self-service, discovery, and reuse, API-led connectivity is an improved integration strategy that is accessible for users of all technical backgrounds.

Easily Scale and Secure Data

Establish ease and peace of mind with cloud integration that is available anywhere, anytime. Instead of having concerns over disaster recovery, scaling and availability, the cloud allows you to focus on bringing value to your users.

iTechtions can help

At iTechtions, operational and decision-making excellence is the goal within digital transformation. Seamlessly integrate cloud services and on-premise applications and easily model, create, test and deploy custom API’s to begin your digital transformation journey. Whether you already use cloud technology or not, defining the most fitting uses of the cloud in your business is one of its main challenges. The team at iTechtions will aid you in all stages of optimization to generate the maximum return on investment for you.


TIBCO Cloud Integration

TIBCO CloudTM Integration easily connects cloud-based services and on-premise applications, to model, create, test, and deploy custom APIs

TIBCO BusinessWorks

Seamlessly connect all the applications and data sources that keep your business running.Real-time data across all your platforms creates an integrated view.


Mashery® is an API platform that delivers key API management capabilities needed for successful digital transformation initiatives. Its full range of capabilities includes API creation.

TIBCO Flogo Enterprise

Project Flogo is an open source framework to simplify building efficient & modern serverless functions and edge Microservices. Data can be collected or analyzed locally.

TIBCO Managed File Transfer

Securely support and control all file transfers across all platforms of your enterprise – both inside and outside the organization.

TIBCO BusinessConnect

Simplifying the way interactions are conducted within your business makes it easier to
accommodate the requests of your partners. TIBCO BusinessConnectTM helps companies

TIBCO Cloud AuditSafe

Simplify, secure and consolidate audit trails with TIBCO CloudTM AuditSafe.Easily add cloud audit trails, secured with blockchain, for any application.

TIBCO Foresight®

TIBCO Foresight® is used for validating data you get or send to your partners, ensuring all your data is correct and that it complies with all the necessary guidelines.

TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM

TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM is one of today’s top business process management platforms and can be used to develop, deploy, execute and manage business process management.

TIBCO Cloud Live Apps

TIBCO Cloud Live Apps is the greatest, easy-to-use platform for building scalable business applications.Easily create low-code applications to resolve business issues.