Technology, and the Future for Humans in the Workplace

Ever wondered or thought about how robots could one day replace you at your job? Or how humans will no longer be needed in the workplace, because robots or machines will be able to do it all? There is no doubt that we live in an advanced digital age and technology rules and drives everything around us. Technology is constantly evolving, and with the increased use of technology in today’s society and the heavy reliance of it in the business world, it is no wonder why people fear for the future of their jobs. However, is this a rational fear? Or are we as humans just being paranoid?
An article written by Jon Collins gives 10 reasons why nobody should worry about whether they will be out of a job in the years to come and why it is unlikely to happen.
1. Because decisions are more than insights.
- As much as we may be able to get a great deal of information from analytics, there will always be a need for an extra level of judgment that can only come from humans. The value of human decision making and insights will always be an important part of work and life in general, especially in occupational fields such as health care, politics, and service industries that involve customer service, and situation response.
2. Because humans have physical features that require maintenance.
- As humans we require spending time to look after ourselves just as much as we require being looked after. We have physical features such as hair, nails, and, teeth that require constant maintenance such as cutting, and grooming all in efforts to stay hygienic and clean. In addition, there is also the importance of taking care of our bodies and our health. Even if machines can aid in the maintenance or use of health care, doctors and nurses cannot be replaced by machines because their human expertise are fundamentally needed to make decisions about our health, perform surgeries, procedures, etc..
3. Because we ascribe to value human interaction and care.
- Although we may feel that many of the jobs that humans do can easily be done or taken over by machines or robots, humans will always have a desire to be taken care of by other humans, because essentially we need human interaction. Whether it be in hospitals, day cares, schools, gyms, in taxis, or in public services, people want to be cared for by people, and not by machines or robots.
4. Because humans love the authenticity of things that we create.
-Even if a robot has the capability of creating something, humans will always be drawn to their love for things that are hand-made or hand- crafted. So, although a 3D printer has the ability to print out a statue, it would be much more appreciated if was actually made and created from the hands of a human.
5. Because we value of services that we can offer one another.
-The notion of you do something for me, and I will pay you or do something for you in exchange will always stand. As far back as the ancient times there has always been a mutual understanding between humans for offering compensation in some form in exchange for a service or good being offered. This notion will always be pertinent and will always be a need among humans.
6. Because we are smart enough to create new Innovation and design.
- A robot may have the ability to do a lot, but at the end of the day, that robot or machine was built by a human who created it to be able to do what it is capable of doing. Humans will always be needed for innovation, design, and new thinking-human aspects that cannot come from machines.
7. Because our brains will always be superior to machines.
-Although computers have the ability to store larger amounts and complexity of information and data, the human brain will always be needed as the driving force behind innovation in order to make sense of it all.
8. Because experience and expertise counts.
- In this complex world, domain knowledge that has been taught and learned over the years will always have and hold value. Knowledge is power, and knowledge and expertise will always have precedence over what a machine can do.
9. Because humans see value in the value added.
- People are always going to have a desire to have the option of doing, or adding more to bring value to things they want or own. The ability to add value can sometimes only come from innovative customization that are produced by human creativity.
10. Because the future is unpredictable.
-we do not yet know what the future holds in terms of working opportunities, and the type of skills or skill sets that will be required for future jobs. Humans are the only ones that are capable of having the intellect to be able to determine the needs for future opportunities, therefore they hold the power to determine what can or cannot be replaced by machines.

The point is that even though the advancement of technology is a very evident necessity in our world today, we need not to worry about it taking over our jobs in the future. The fact still remains that work is necessary in order to keep our world going and humans are well aware of that. We receive satisfaction from doing things on our own, and reaping and sharing the fruits of our labour.
So yes, technology does have a very big impact on our world and working environment and change in the workplace is inevitable, but we should remember that technology is only an extension of humans and human capability. We us humans will keep evolving just as technology does and we will continue to create value and become even more innovative in or skills and talents, attributes which will most likely not be replaced by robots or machines.



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