The Best Java Frameworks Developers Should Be Using in 2022

Developers play an extremely important part in the Agile team of a company. And, in order to assist businesses with achieving their Digital Transformation journey, Developers sure need as many tools and support as necessary.

And Java is one of these tools.

JavaScript is a tech language with many functional and prototype-based programming styles. Developers make use of Java to run web applications across multiple servers and clients. And Java frameworks are nothing more than frameworks for applications written in JavaScript, that Developers can manipulate as they evolve in the work.

Frameworks were created to help Developers with building complex applications and enriching their experience in delivering code efficiently.

If you are a Developer – then you already know this. And you also probably know how important Java is for your function. After all, 65% of Developers make use of JavaScript to perform their tasks.

This article is to all our audience of Developers out there – as we at iTechtions aim to assist companies in their Digital Transformation process, it is only fair we showcase the best Java frameworks for you.

And now a list with a few examples of the frameworks, for those who are starting out: 


Built by Google, AngularJS is a free, easy framework, great for building business’ applications.



One of the most known frameworks. React is easy to use and has numerous courses online available.



This framework is React-based, and it is free and fast.



Exclusive for those who want to build strong and reliable UI for any device.



The fastest framework as of now. Great to build interfaces.


First things first, we must say that each framework has its advantages and disadvantages, and there is not a single best one!

However, they can be divided into categories – for example, we know React remains the most popular framework. Meanwhile, Vue.js is the fastest framework.

Frameworks can:

  • Transform patterns in common language
  • Manipulate and standardize colours, typographies and buttons
  • Solve front-end issues
  • Write easy-to-read code
  • Re-use interfaces


And why are frameworks so important?

With JavaScript frameworks, Developers have the advantage of investing in something of low-cost (which is great for small businesses) and launch applications quickly.

Also, frameworks are easy to use because of pre-defined functions. Since multiple people use them, solutions are easily shared, which enhances the sense of community within Developers.

Either if you are an experienced Developer or someone who is just starting – it is always good to keep up with changes, know what good frameworks are out there and, most importantly: do your part to enable Digital Transformation in your company.

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