TIBCO Active Matrix BPM

TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM is one of today’s top business process management platforms and can be used to develop, deploy, execute and manage business process management applications.



  • Drives digital transformation by aiding in addressing differentiation and growth over time.
  • Allows companies to fuel digital transformation by enabling better decisions and faster, smarter actions.
  • Model and organize the work flows throughout your organization in real time.
  • Process your big data quickly and get to insight using analytics dashboards, contextual processes, or low code business apps.
  • Improve collaboration with business users, formalize processes and operating procedures.
  • Swap resources like people and their skills, infrastructure, schedules and work groups or teams.
  • Users have seen increased sales force productivity by 50%.

A major financial institution in the East was working on a project to standardize the retail banking system across the globe using TIBCO ActiveMatrix, TIBCO BusinessWorks™ and TIBCO Messaging. 


  • Enabled them to standardize their processes, providing flexibility across markets.
  • Saw faster processing with their card preapprovals, deliveries and the deployment of new processes across the globe.