TIBCO BusinessConnect

Simplifying the way interactions are conducted within your business makes it easier to accommodate the requests of your partners. TIBCO BusinessConnect helps companies connect and share data to make cross-company business processes more efficient and capable. 



  • Less complexity makes it easier to accommodate the needs of your partners.
  • Provide greater visibility of data by connecting to other TIBCO products.
  • Secure the exchange and storage of documents and automation of transactions for both you and your customers.
  • Conduct full audits and determine the authenticity of messages and senders.
  • Full access to multiple document and transport protocols used by different industries.
  • Simplified partner enrollment & management.
  • Seamless data integration.

A healthcare organization saved time, energy and money by using TIBCO’s BusinessConnect.


  • Are now able to protect sensitive patient information.
  • The organization avoided the expected costs associated with overcoming technical obstacles when implementing new technology.
  • Freed up time for IT and other personnel responsible for private processes by having them off load that work onto the platform.