TIBCO Live Datamart

TIBCO Live DataMart allows operational users to subscribe to events across various protocols, store them in memory, aggregate them, and expose the data for analysis in live dashboards or provide it to other systems via APIs.

Live Datamart


  • Executes constant queries and calculations against high-speed streaming data and events, delivering real-time actionable insights through results and alerts.
  • Understand your data immediately with instantly predictive analytics, automatic calculations, pattern-matching, and threshold limits on streaming and historical data from disparate sources (like real-time clickstream, IoT, GPS, machine, market, and weather information).
  • Instantly visualize and act on the updates being pushed to you and interact with the data through self-service queries, charts and alert rules.

A transportation and logistics company uses Live Datamart to override automated action in real time. Operators are able to monitor and make realtime adjustments to pre- and in-route schedules based on road conditions and weather; whilst the system pushes a message the driver to alert them of changes.


  • Ability to monitor vehicles and performing real-time diagnostics such as fuel efficiency, acceleration, engine load, engine coolant, ambient air temperatures, and other measurements.
  • More accurate delivery predictions by tracking the routes, trucks and roads are provided to the end customer.
  • Saves money by continuously moving the freight by scheduling maintenance repairs ahead of time.