TIBCO recognized as a Business Intelligence Leader

As a proud TIBCO partner here at iTechtions, we take pride in acknowledging our partner’s successes; therefore iTechtions would like to congratulate TIBCO for being recognized as a Business Intelligence Leader on KMWorld’s 2015 annual list of “100 companies that matter in knowledge management” for the fourth consecutive year!

KMWorld annually recognizes companies that successfully blend agile innovation in the knowledge management (KM) space with commitment to customer satisfaction. The report is compiled by the KMWorld’s network of knowledge management practitioners, theorists, analysts and end-users. It is intended to help shape the knowledge management market and spark a larger discussion of knowledgeable companies leading the way for innovation and customer service. A prestigious designation that represents the best in innovation, creativity, and functionality.

This listing recognizes TIBCO for its business intelligence solutions that enable companies of all sizes to transform into digital business and, as a result, operate more efficiently and better serve their customers. As said my Michael O’Connell, chief analytics officer at TIBCO, “Today’s businesses are facing significant industry shifts more rapidly and frequently than ever before. To keep up with customers’ demands and hold competitive advantage in their markets, it’s critical that organizations can quickly access, prepare and analyze data to derive insights and drive actions on the business.”

Here at iTechtions, we also strive to provide effective business intelligence solutions and operate more efficiently to better serve our customers in helping them find what they need whenever and wherever. Through our partnership and platform, iTechtions is able to help clients capture the right information at the right time and act on it in order to fulfill our client’s business objectives and needs. This is done by gathering the right information and providing extensive training in order to provide our clients with knowledgeable and experienced consultants.

TIBCO being named as 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management is a prestigious designation and we at iTechtions couldn’t be prouder to work alongside an industry leader as we continue to provide our clients with current industry trends that go beyond industry standards.

To learn more information about the TIBCO services we provide visit us online here, or contact us directly by visiting our contact page.


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