Work For iTechtions: Our Focus On Employee Success

iTechtions is an independent software development and IT services consultancy.  We are a growing business, always developing new strategies and evolving to the rapidly changing industry of Information Technology. With that being said, why should you want to work for us?  We have amazing training opportunities for our employees, place immense value on new graduates as well as those looking for a mid-term career boost, and provide great career opportunities and benefits.

Who We Are Looking For:

One of the best parts about working for iTechtions is that we do not discriminate against new graduates who may only have a few years of experience. We are always looking for individuals who have a passion and a drive to succeed in this industry.  We will provide you with the right training opportunities and experienced mentors so that you can find your stride and find new and exciting opportunities to practice your skills out in the workforce. By working at iTechtions, you will gain the experience and skills necessary to take your career to the next level.

We also value individuals who have been in the industry longer and are looking for a mid-term career boost. We have the ability for you to grow and enhance your abilities within our company.  If you are looking for a way to apply your previous skills, grow through new training opportunities and find new challenges within the industry, iTechtions is also the place for you!

In sum, whether you are a new graduate or needing a mid-term career boost, you have the opportunity to find creative solutions to complex problems and make a personal contribution to our growth as a company.  We have amazing clients and various forms of technology that we work with. If you would like to learn more, please visit our client section and our services section.

Training Opportunities:

As mentioned in the post about our extensive training opportunities, here at iTechtions we ensure that you are keeping your IT skills ahead of the game.  Not only do we offer continuous training opportunities on new and emerging technologies, but also project specific training ahead of any client assignments. On top of developing your IT skills, we also focus on helping you gain project management skills so you are able to work efficiently to deliver results on time and within budget for our clients.

In addition to our amazing in-house training opportunities, we also utilize our vendor’s training and certification programs to further develop your skills. You can be sure that when you work at iTechtions, you will always be provided the opportunity and training you need in order to grow with the changing industry and its challenging demands.

The Benefits of Working at iTechtions:

If our focus on finding a wide range of junior, intermediate and senior candidates, in addition to our great training opportunities hasn’t won you over already, here is a list of some of the amazing benefits that you will receive by working as an employee at iTechtions:

- Enjoy a competitive salary and attractive benefits package
- Have flexibility in schedule and work environment
- Free training
- Group Health Benefits
- Paid vacation and public holidays
- Worker’s compensation
- Employee Assistance Program
- Equal opportunity employment

Check our Website and our LinkedIn for current opportunities.

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