TIBCO Data Science

Organizations need to increase focus on the distribution, organization, and observation of analytic models. Use Data Science as a multi-disciplinary approach to finding, extracting, and surfacing patterns in data through a fusion of analytical methods, domain expertise, and technology, including fields such as data mining, machine learning, predictive analytics, and statistics.



  • Aids organizations transform and resolve multifaceted problems sooner.
  • Ensure predictive findings quickly turn into optimum results.
  • Create reusable machine learning templates.
  • Effortlessly bring together machine learning, data, processes and people.
  • Intuitive web-browser interface and comprehensive desktop client that makes it easy to share, comment and markup.
  • Simplify big data analytics and end-to-end analytics life cycles using big data ecosystems like Spark and Hadoop.


A Major Airport launched a digital transformation to become a smart city using TIBCO products. They needed to be able to make informed decisions through the analysis and understanding of their data revolving people, processes and technology. The technology also needed to be in line with their evolving vision for the future.


  • Improve operational efficiency.
  • Enhanced the customer journey through the airport.
  • Fast integration, taking roughly 12 weeks to deliver the platform.