TIBCO Spotfire

TIBCO Spotfire is a visual analytics software tool that allows you to run advanced statistical models. Spotfire is an exceptionally fast, user-friendly, self-service analytics tool that will help spot opportunities and risks before your competitors do.

TIBCO Spotfire® makes it easy for everyone to comprehend data gathered and receive value from it. With natural language search and AI-powered insights, Spotfire® is the fastest analytics tool for getting real-time data sources available to visually analyze what’s happening in your business. TIBCO Spotfire® also employs leading location analytics capabilities, providing geographic context through multi-layer maps and geocoding. As such, aiding you in visualizing new insights that would otherwise not be possible using charts and tables.

It has 3 Predictive analytics platforms: TIBCO Spotfire Statistics Services, TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R, Spotfire Predictive Modeling Tools


  • No need to have in depth knowledge of stats or data science.
  • Fastest analytics tool for attaining insights from your data.
  • Inline data wrangling will help you quickly spot data outliers, inconsistencies, and deficiencies.
  • Simplify the process of analyzing and organizing data for everyone in your organization.
  • Interactive visual analytic dashboards.
  • Unparalleled geographic location analysis helps produce insights and make predictions.
  • Predictive, prescriptive, real-time streaming, geo-analytics and mobile KPIs.
  • A hybrid-cloud architecture supports on-premises to multiple cloud deployments.

A highly accredited institution needed to enable dashboards that would work on multiple levels allowing staff to have access to school trends across all grade levels, classrooms and individual students.


  • The institution now has the ability to deliver information in a very flexible way receiving specific information on students.
  • Now they are able to address strengths and weaknesses even before learning their names.
  • Having a 360-degree view of student data gave them the ability to address the issues head on.