TIBCO Data Virtualization

Gartner and Forrester recommend having data virtualization to help you overcome your data bottlenecks. As data and analytics are becoming the necessary requirement to stay competitive, you need to utilize them because of the exploding use of widely-distributed data with big data, IoT and cloud. Data virtualization is the data market-maker that efficiently matches buyers’ data demands with sellers’ internal and external data sources, so firms can maximize returns on their data.


  • Traditional physical data warehousing and ETL are lacking the flexibility of TIBCO®’s Data Virtualization software, which is 5-10X faster.
  • Tackle the increasing data needs by providing data consistency, reuse, faster production times and continuous adaptation.
  • Build and manage virtualized views and data services that access, transform, and deliver the data your business requires.
  • Accelerate revenue, reduce costs and risk, improve compliance, and more.
  • Gartner and Forrester project that data virtualization adoption will continue at new and existing firms.

Real-time competitive advantage – Transform your Business

  • Consolidate information with the best in class visual, predictive and streaming analytics technology to optimize business operations and decision making in real-time
  • Use one platform to build intelligence in your business, generate actionable insights in real-time and capitalize on insight
  • Choose the right data source, analyze it and implement the results as a closed loop solution with built in continuous artificial intelligence AI- machine learning
  • Condense the time from analysis to insight with a real-time insight platform
  • Build and score predictive models, perform root cause analysis and connect to smart systems for real-time decision support, automated action and continuous AI learning.
  • Real-time streaming data changes everything from uptime, to innovation, revenue and customer relationships




An eminent banks’ products were managed as separate lines of business (LOB’s) with each LOB team controlling the distributions of its data. However, alongside the company’s growth, audit problems, high data integration costs, increased risk and slower reconciliation also arose.


  • Used as a virtual data mart spanning all LOBs, the bank was able to double their speed of time to market for reference data access projects.
  • Integrate multiple disparate sources to retrieve a single view of customer data.
  • Achieved a 300% ROI.
  • Increase of 25% in data quality.
  • Lowered the cost of data distribution by 83% (TIBCO).

A financial services firm using data virtualization needed to access data from all sources and securely deliver to innovative analytics and transactional applications.


  • Delivered and integrated data at a fraction of physical warehousing and ETL rigidity, time and cost.
  • Transform data into easy-to-understand business data services that are easily shared whilst maintaining all the security, governance and auditability.


One of the world’s largest oil and gas producers needed a way to provide access to information stored and managed in multiple systems and locations for analysis, reporting, and decision-making.


  • Reduced overall development costs by 40 percent.
  • Reduced risk.
  • Increased revenue.
  • Improved efficiency and resource allocation for greater competitiveness.