TIBCO Jaspersoft

Jaspersoft is one of the most cost effective, widely deployed, and flexible Business Intelligence (BI) platforms in the world, allowing better decision-making with the help of highly interactive reports, analytics, and dashboards. By providing support for big data, mobile, and cloud deployments, Jaspersoft enables its customers deliver efficiently on the promise of self-service at scale.



  • Embeddable Microservices used for generating reports and data visualizations in a world of cloud, Microservices and DevOps
  • Enables businesses to make faster decisions by conveying timely, usable data within your apps and business processes via a BI reporting and analytics platform.
  • Users get answers easier from your applications, increasing satisfaction and making your product more competitive.
  • Focus your developers on your core product and let Jaspersoft handle analytics.

Using Jaspersoft, a data management firm moved from an in-house reporting system to give internal and external users more power to get the job done.


  • Off-loaded support and training to TIBCO.
  • Provided a more intuitive customer experience.
  • Increased customer retention.
  • Increase in customers’ productivity, accuracy and efficiency.
  • Identified employee trends and outliers faster.

An organization based around the Internet of Things and the Internet of Assets, helps customers determine their business requirements.


  • Jaspersoft allowed them to present information in a modular and scalable manner.
  • Delivered a single solution for both their existing telematics solutions.
  • Met the quickly developing needs of the IoT solution.
  • Handled complex API’s and provides simple integration processes within their web services frameworks.
  • Deep integration with Amazon Web Services products.
  • Resulted in greater scalability.
  • Improved ability to share real-time data across stakeholders.
  • Flexibility to add new data sources as the platform evolves.